Linux Web Hosting

Web Hosting for adult websites


10 $
per Month

8GB Storage

DDOS Protection

Unlimited Domains & Emails

Small Business

19 $
per Month

16GB Storage

DDOS Protection

Unlimited Domains & Emails


34 $
per Month

32GB Storage

DDOS Protection

Unlimited Domains & Emails

Large Business

45 $
per Month

64GB Storage

DDOS Protection

Unlimited Domains & Emails

Web Hosting Features


Our network is second to none when it comes to security, we always ensure the latest updates are running, and our real-time network security system will let you rest easy knowing we're monitoring for suspicious activity 24/7.


As some of you are already aware, all of our hosting accounts come with cPanel, "The worlds best control panel". cPanel is an award winning control panel that places every option on your server at your finger tips.

Unlimited Domains

You are able to run an unlimited amount of add-on domain names from all of our hosting accounts. The add-on domain name feature in cPanel allows you to run multiple websites on the same hosting account.

Secure Email

We understand how important it is to send and receive emeails in the business world, so we take steps to ensure mail server IP's are not blacklisted and that your email is secure and gets to where it's going.

Why Our Web Hosting?

With today's adult websites making so much money, you can't blame anybody for wanting in on it, the problem comes in when you host with a company who believe they are holier than thou and WILL allow their employee's to actually remove your account if they "personally" find it offensive. Don't let your business run on somebody's else's so called "morals", you could end up losing your files on top of the loss of your account. Our adult web hosting services are ran by our own personal staff who know better than to judge others material. A hosting company's job is to host your site, not judge the material on that site. Get set up with us today and worry no more about your web hosting being terminated because the company you're with offer their opinion instead of adult web hosting.

Web Hosting and Real-Time Security

Threats on the internet are becoming increasingly more frequent and are a clear danger to all of us, at some point we will all be tested, we're ready for that x10. Taking unnecessary risks is just not something we are willing to do. We protect our customers with real-time 24/7 virus scanning software created by the great staff at our data center. This covers a multitude of security risks including port sniffing, DDOS protection, brute force attacks, email hacking attempts and more. A lot of webmasters don't really think about security right off, and when they do they're not sure where to start securing their site. Web hosting with us will give you peace of mind just by knowing your server is being secured 24/7. What's better than that?

Our Commitment to Excellence

Although we haven't been around as long as companies with houshold names, we strive to be competitive just by offering the best possible service along side the absolute best in real-time network security. You'll imediatally find that we pride ourselves on customer support and are available 24/7 to answer your questions or help you fix an issue. We feel the best way to build a well rounded, well balanced and respected business relationship is to treat our customers websites as if they were our own. Our data center technicians are extremely knowledgeable and fast to locate and correct any issues that could arise. Contact us today and find out more about us. You'll be glad you did.


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