Flash Media Server Hosting

Flash Media Server Hosting for adult websites


29 $
per Month

2 vCore

3.1 Ghz

Unmetered Bandwidth

Small Business

55 $
per Month

4 vCores

4.1 Ghz

Unmetered Bandwidth

Medium Business

109 $
per Month

8 vCores

3.1 Ghz

Unmetered Bandwidth

Large Business

249 $
per Month

16 vCores

Intel Xeon e5 4.1 Ghz

Unmetered Bandwidth

Flash Media Server Hosting Features

RTMP Streaming

With the use of Flash Media Server hosting, you have the option to broadcast using Flash Media Live Encoder in almost any bitrate and you are able to do it using multiple stream styles with the use of the Live Packager feature.

HTTP Streaming

Mobile devices have pretty much taken over, although statistics show not too much adult website traffic comes from mobile, you still don't want to lose that which does, this is where streaming over HTTP will allow mobile use.

Flash Media Live Encoder

Flash Media Live encoder is software from Adobe that allows you to broadcast your live video using our Flash Media Server Hosting. Flash Media Live Encoder gives you the option to broadcast in almost any bitrate.

Unmetered Bandwidth ( Yes, seriously! )

Although other media hosting companies seem to have all decided to make their money off overage charges for unexpected bandwidth usage and even hidden fee's, we stopped monitoring bandwidth a long time ago. 

Why Flash Media Server Hosting

Flash Media Server was created in the 90's by Macromedia and named "Flash Communications Server". Since it's public release, the software has not only changed names multiple times carrying multiple versions along the way but it also switched hands. Adobe decided to purchase Macromedia in 2005 for $3.4 Billion, and today it's named "Adobe Media Server" and we are on version 5 which offers support for IOS. People seem to think because it's a "Flash" media server that it cannot be used on mobile, this is not true. Adobe Flash Media Server can now handle whatever you throw at it and with stability that is second to none.

The problem comes in when you go to purchase the software, it costs $5,000usd per copy. Yes, seriously, many websites worth millions of dollars use this software, so we are guessing that's the reason for the large price tag. The most cost effective way of using it, is to get Flash Media Server Hosting, due to the fact it's hosted, you get the same awesome Flash Media Server hosting for one affordable, monthly fee.

Our Flash Media Server hosting accounts are solid, quick and we offer unmetered bandwidth, this means you can literally use as much bandwidth as you want each month and never see and overage fee. Try and find another company who will offer this same media hosting on an unmetered platform, we've yet to see it anywhere.

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